Compose a New Creation

Easily compose your own NFT creations and get LCT rewards for them

Compose your creations in LeCube's unique 3D Building Editor

1) Using LeCube's 3D tools in the Building Editor, anyone can easily compose a unique NFT creation.

2) Select the Cube color you have previously obtained, left-click on the canvas to place a cube, right-click to remove a cube that has been placed.

3) After the cubes are cleverly arranged and combined, they can become NFT creations that condense the creator's creativity.

LCT Rewards

1) LCT will be released after the creator successfully uploads a creation onto the blockchain. The released quantity equals the number of Cubes in the creation * 100LCT

The specific distribution ratio of LCT is as follows:

Creators 85%, Official 5%, Reward Pool 4%, Liquidity Rewards 4%,

2) When allocated according to the above ratio, the number of LCTs that the creator can obtain is equal to the number of cubes in the creation uploaded onto the chain * 85

Component Adoption: select the copy of the purchased copyright and put it onto the canvas.

Scene: adjust the color of the background and bottom plate.

Remove: to delete the selected Cube, right-click directly on it.


1) After the Cube is selected, Delete and Move operations can be performed.

2) After the Cube is selected, the coordinate axis will be displayed. The green Y-axis moves up and down, the red X-axis moves left and right, and the blue Z-axis moves forward and backward.

Save the canvas: you can save the canvas at any time without consuming Cubes.

Upload on Blockchain:

1) Transformation of a composed creation into a unique NFT (a sufficient number of Cubes is required) and the process of uploading it onto the blockchain will consume gas fee.

2) After the work is uploaded to the blockchain, it can no longer be composed.

Exit: to exit the 3D building editor.

Cubes used: the total number of cubes used in the creation.

Reset: restore the lens angle of view.

Center: align the center point of the work with the center point of the base plate.

Screen capture: adjust and capture the specified area while creating the creation cover.

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