Adopted Creations

Copyright Center and the adoption function launch the community from 0 to 1

Copyright and Adoptions

LeCube's unique Copyright Center and adoption function allow users to freely list their NFT works and open the copyright to other users. At the same time, users can purchase and adopt other people's creations in the Copyright Center and then use the adopted products in their works. In this process, no matter if it is the creator whose copyright was bought or the creator putting together new artwork, they will be rewarded.

1) Only creations with copyright opened by the original creator will appear in the Copyright Center. Users can have the right to reproduce the creation by paying the corresponding amount of LCT.

2) Users can adopt the same creations multiple times. When composing, if you adopt copyright once and upload it on the chain, the number of adoptions will be consumed as one.

Adopt copyright into your creations

1) You can click "Adopt Components" during the creation process to place the adopted copyright blueprint onto the canvas.

2) After using the "Select" function to select the adopted part, you can rotate or move the whole thing as usual.

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