Cube Mining

The idealistic community distribution method contends for your community's Cube mining right

LeCube Mining Concept: a more community-based distribution method

LeCube uses a multi-currency mining method, where the currency mining efficiency is not determined by a centralized organization. Currencies contend for mining efficiency through stakes value. At the same time, LeCube uses a community-based token listing model where the TVL of the staked currency and stakes value determine mining efficiency. The process is not intervened by any organization, is transparent and open.

Cube Total Supply:

1) The total amount of Cube released at the current stage

Cube Pool First Phase:

1) The duration of the current stage, production will be reduced after the expiration.

Production Reduction Number:

1) Shows the current production reduction

2) The first Mining Pool phase's supply is 2.4 million; the output is reduced by 30% at each phase of 180 days.

Cube Pool Info:

1) Multi-currency mining mode shows the tokens eligible for Cube mining and the proportion of corresponding computing power.

2) Users can continuously mine Cubes by staking tokens that are eligible for mining

3) Mining Rights: Contracts will be ranked according to stake value. The top 21 currencies that remain so for at least 24 hours will gain mining rights.

4) The currency hash rate is determined by the value of the currency staked in LeCube.

My Stakes:

Shows the details of staked tokens. Users can stake to mine Cubes or withdraw their stakes at any time.

1) Stake: to stake tokens eligible for block mining through the wallet.

2) Withdraw: to withdraw previously staked tokens.

3) Details: Shows the details of stakes, including the name, quantity, income, and other information of the tokens currently at stake.

4) Receive: to receive the income obtained through stake mining.

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