Enter Lecube

Use a blockchain wallet to enter the game

Enter Lecube

On PC:

1) To log in to the Lecube homepage directly through the browser, you need to install a wallet plugin.

2) It is recommended that you use the Chrome browser and install the metamask wallet plugin.

3)LeCube PC:http://lc.mixmarvel.com/

Chrome download address: https://www.google.com/intl/zh-en/chrome/

Metamask download link: https://metamask.io/


1) Open imToken and click "Browse" in the bottom menu

2) Copy the game address to the search box of the blockchain browser and enter

3)LeCube Mobile: http://h5.lc.mixmarvel.com/

imToken download address: https://token.im/

Switch accounts

1) To protect the security of your digital assets, every time you restart your browser, you need to re-verify the wallet signature before you can enter the game.

2) If you need to change the login wallet, you need to click the "Change" button in the homepage's upper left corner to switch the wallet accounts. You will need to complete the wallet signature first.

Switch language

1) You can switch the game language at any time in the upper right corner of the homepage. LeCube supports Chinese, English, and Korean languages.

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