Shows the details of all the assets owned in LeCube

My Creations

1) Shows all the owned creations

2) Blueprints that have not been uploaded to the blockchain can continue to be composed. Creations that have been already uploaded can receive LCT income through listing/opening copyright.

Mu Cubes

1) Shows the Cubes inventory, excluding the number of Cubes that have been used in creations.

2) When the Cube amount is insufficient, users can accumulate Cubes of various colors by Cube mining or currency exchange.


1) Shows the number of owned LCTs and the income details.

2) LCT can be obtained by selling or uploading composed creations onto the blockchain, opening copyrights, and currency exchange.

My Adoptions

1) Shows the owned adoptions and the number of adoptions remaining.

My Collectibles

1) Displays the collected creations so that users can pay attention to the latest developments.

2) Browse any creation and click "Collect" to mark it.

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