About LCT

Token: LCT


LCT, or LeCube Token, is an incentive token used to motivate users' creativity. Once having composed a stunning NFT creation, the creator can either upload it to the Copyright Center or sell it directly on the Creations Marketplace. Whether NFT works are adopted (number of adoptions is unlimited) or purchased, creators will be rewarded with LCT and truly gain revenue through their creativity.


LCT Total Supply:480,000,000

1)LCTs are released by the creators building Cubes into NFTs

• Creators 85% • Official 5% • Reward Pool 4% • Liquidity Rewards 4% (released by the results of community voting)

2)LCTs are released before staking of mainstream tokens

• Lootbox Airdrop 1% • Uniswap Liquidity 1%

Production Reduction

• When Cube supply decreases, LCT release decreases accordingly

• When Cube supply decreases, LCT recovery decreases accordingly

LCT Release

Composing Cubes into an NFT creation is rewarded in the form of LCT.

• LCT Output = The number of Cubes composed * 100 * 0.7 ^ (Cycle Factor – 1)

• 85% is assigned to the creator when producing LCT

• The first cycle factor = 1

• 180 days per cycle

LCT Recovery

LCT is recycled when NFT is decomposed back into Cubes.

• Recycled LCT = Number of Cubes composed * 100 * 0.7 ^ (Cycle Factor -1)

• The first cycle factor = 1

• 180 days per cycle

LCT Application

1) Copyright Function: Users adopt other people's NFT creations through LCT

• Users can choose to put their NFT creations copyright in the Copyright Center to earn LCT revenue.

• The Copyright Function supports other users to adopt NFT creations that have already had their copyright put in the Copyright Center. Adoption requires payment of LCT.

• The adopted item is presentable and can be used for creating. Nonetheless, without NFT attributes, separate decomposing of adopted creations will not provide Cubes.

• Number of LCTs to be paid for other users' NFT creations copyright = Number of Cubes contained in the adopted NFT creations (Including both the number of adopted and personally composed Cubes) * 15

2)Transaction Payment: Users use LCT to trade NFT within the platform

Transaction handling fee paid by the buyer (LCT quantity) = Transaction amount * 0.0375

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