About Cube

Token: Cube

Introduction:Cubes are used for the composition of creations

1) By staking community-agreed mainstream currencies, users can losslessly mine Cubes.

2)Cubes are divided into eight colors, black CBK, white CWT, red CRD, orange COG, yellow CYL, green CGN, blue CBU, purple CPL.


1)Cube total supply: 8,000,000 = 1,000,000 Cubes * 8 colors

2)Cubes are gradually released in the Cube Pool by staking mainstream tokens

• Miners 85% • Official 5% • Reward Pool 4% • Liquidity Rewards 4% (released by the results of community voting)

3)Cubes are gradually released before staking mainstream tokens

• Lootbox Airdrop 1% • Uniswap Liquidity 1%

Production Reduction

The first Mining Pool phase's supply is 2.4 million; the output is reduced by 30% at each phase of 180 days.

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