Permissionless multi-currency staking mechanism

In the LeCube Cube Pool, the currency that users stake for mining does not require any centralized organization's permission. The community initiates an application for preselection contracts and votes by staking their preferred currencies. Finally, the top 21 currencies of the highest stake value will gain mining rights. After the stakes are complete, the Cube Pool's output efficiency is not determined by any centralized organization but is generated by the market. The amount of Cubes obtained by the users is proportional to the stake value of all the currency they staked in the Cube Pool.

Throughout the above process, all tasks are automatically executed by smart contracts. The prices of all currencies are derived from Uniswap's real-time on-chain price to ensure that LeCube's resource allocation is open, fair, and just.

List Token

1) To submit a new token to participate in the mining qualification, you need to enter the contract address of the proposed token.


1) The top 21 currencies of the highest stake value will gain mining rights (adjusted to the top 5 during the test period).

1) If you want to vote for a token that is not included in LeCube, you need to list that token first


1) After the new currency is submitted/voted, the ranking needs to be refreshed to make it effective.

2) Each round of ranking is under protection for 24 hours after a refresh.

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