Q: Does LeCube have an App? How do I log in?


You can log in with a PC: use Google Chrome to install the MetaMask plugin and switch to the Kovan test network to log in.

Open the imToken wallet, enter the developer mode and switch to the Kovan chain. Then click Browse, type the test address, authorize to log in, and you are ready to use it.

Test address:

PC>> https://lc.mixmarvel.com/

Mobile>> https://h5.lc.mixmarvel.com/

BUG Report:



Q: I want to stake, but what should I do if I don't own the tokens in the stake list?


You can exchange the received test-ETH on the Uniswap test network to obtain the tokens you need and then stake them in the Lecube Cube Pool.

Q: Can all tokens in the stake list participate in stake mining?


Yes. LeCube adopts an original multi-currency stake mining model, which can support multiple currencies for stake mining at the same time. You can choose one or several tokens in the stake list to stake and obtain Cube revenue.

Q: There are Cubes of eight colors. Do I get random-colored Cubes when staking?


When staking, all eight types of Cubes can be obtained simultaneously in one settlement, and the quantity of each Cube is equal.

Q: How to make a currency become a stake token?


On the "Cube Pool" page, enter the "Token Listing" tab, select " Submit a New Currency." Enter the currency's contract address and choose "Refresh Ranking" to trigger your new currency voting process. This will organize the community Users to vote for your new currency together. When your new currency voting stake value exceeds the 5th token on the list, the system will start a 24 countdown. After the countdown is over, if your new currency can still stay ahead, you can get the stake qualifications.

Tips: All data will be updated and effective after the "Refresh Ranking" operation. Please click the "Refresh Ranking" button timely to get the latest ranking data.

Q: What will happen if the new currency succeeds/fails to become a stake token?


Suppose the new currency is successfully listed (that is, you have obtained the stake qualification). In that case, you can let your new currency have the computing power and stake it to get Cube rewards. The more the new currency is staked, the higher the percentage of computing power. The Cube reward will also be higher.

Suppose the new currency fails (that is, the staking qualification is not obtained). In that case, the voted currency can be withdrawn. You can enter the Cube Pool and click the "withdraw" button to withdraw the currency.

Q: Where does the price of the stackable currency in the Cube Pool information come from? How often is the price updated?


All data comes from Uniswap, which is obtained every time you refresh your page in real-time.

Q: I have received my stake income. Where can I view the receipt record?


You can log in to https://etherscan.io/ and enter your wallet address to check the test chain records.

Q: What should I do if resources are insufficient when I decompose my creation?


You need to use LCT to decompose creations. LCT Quantity = Cube Quantity * 100. You can earn LCT by composing and selling creations on the chain, purchasing copyright blueprints in the Copyright Center, and exchanging on Uniswap.

Q: How to use the copyright?


You can enter the Copyright Center and use LCT to buy other users' copyright. After the purchase is successful, you can directly adopt the whole creation or its parts in your own creation. If you open the copyright of a new creation, its price will include the LCT price of the initially adopted work.

Q: How to upload the composed creations onto the blockchain?


After composing the creation, you can click Upload onto the blockchain, pay the corresponding GAS fee and complete the operation. After the upload is finished, you can get a certain amount of LCT corresponding to the Cubes you used (number of Cubes * 85). After the creation is uploaded to the blockchain, you can choose whether to open the copyright for other users to adopt and get a corresponding LCT reward when they do so or directly sell the work to get an LCT reward.

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