📜Account Registration

Creating an Account

  1. After entering the official website, click [START] to enter the account registration interface.

  1. Click [Sign up] to start the process of registering a new account.

  1. Fill in the corresponding information to complete the account registration.

Security Verification

To ensure the security of your account, we recommend that you complete the security verification of your account according to the following steps.

  1. After the registration is completed,click [Set up now] to start the account security verification process.

  1. You can choose mobile phone verification or Google verification.

  1. After completing the verification, select an account and click [Connect] to directly enter DeHeroGame.

[UniPass FAQ]

Q: How to change a device to quickly log into UniPass?

A: If you log in for the first time on another device that has never logged into UniPass before, you need to be verified. There are three verification methods in total.

1.The first is to Quick Login, which is to log in by receiving a verification code through a registered mobile phone or email.

2.The second is Authorized Environment. After selecting, you can scan the QR Code of the new device with the device that has already logged into UniPass for authorization.

3.The third method is Account Recovery, by forwarding the recovery email and resetting the logged-in device.

Q: What is the purpose of registering for UniPass? (Modified)

A: No traditional wallet is required anymore. Just open your browser to login and start the game. The 3 major benefits are as follow:

1.No gas fee for using UniPass.(subject to the actual official version)

2.Assets are interoperable between UniPass and other wallets.

3.Breaking through the barriers of Web2 and Web3.

Q: What should I do if my UniPass registered email cannot receive the verification code?

A: UniPass realizes secure and decentralized account recovery by verifying the DKIM signature of emails on the chain, so you can use the following high-reliability mail service providers for registration (recommended email: gmail.com; googlemail. com; outlook.com; hotmail.com; yahoo.com; protonmail.com; pm.me; icloud.com; mail.com)

Q: Can I log into the game without security verification for UniPass registration?

A: For the security of your account and the next login, it is recommended that you perform mobile phone verification or Google verification according to the prompts.

Q: How to perform quick login? (For UniPass)

A: After registering an account and performing mobile phone verification or Google verification to enable secondary verification, you can log in next time through the username or email that has been saved in the browser.

Q: How to manage device? (For UniPass)

A: On the UniPass login interface, you can view and manage the login device through "Device Management" in "Account Settings".

Q: How to perform account recovery? (For UniPass)

A: When you do not have a device that has logged into UniPass and the quick login is not enabled, on the UniPass login interface, you can restore your UniPass account by entering your email address and verification code in "Account Recovery" under "Account Settings".

Q: How does Google verification work?

A: Download "Authenticator" from the store; based on the UniPass registration security binding prompt, open "Authenticator", and perform the security binding operation by scanning the QR code or entering the setting key.

Q: How to check the corresponding wallet address if signing up the game through UniPass? (NEW)

A: Find your wallet address in the upper left corner of the game homepage. Click "+" to copy your wallet address.

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