You can manage and browse Hero NFTs that have been placed in the camp.

Place NFTs:

Place your Hero NFTs from your wallets into the camp.

Tips: Cards below blue quality cannot be placed.

Extract NFTs:

Withdraw Hero NFTs from the camp into your wallets.

Batch Charge:

Quickly charge the selected hero, which requires a certain amount of COIN.

Clicking on any hero to view hero details. You can also upgrade the hero, configure skills, and conduct other actions.


One-click to upgrade the hero to the highest level possible.


Click the [+] button to equip the hero with currently acquired skills.


Click the [+] button to recharge the hero.

Increase EXP:

Use the EXP packs to increase the EXP of the hero.

[Click here to see how to upgrade]

[Click here to see how to use skills]

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