💫DeHero NFT Cross-Chain Process

Conduct NFT Cross-Chain

  1. Enter the DeHero game, click “Cross-Chain

  1. Click "Cross-Chain to DeHeroGame" and select the cards you want to cross-chain, then click "Cross Chain".

  1. Click “Enter Current Wallet”, and your current address will be input automatically. Click “Cross-Chain” to transfer your NFT to DeHeroGame.

Only cards in backpack can be crossed-chain, users need to remove the cards from the Card-Collectables. The number of $HEROES pledged on the cards will be destroyed after the Cross-chain process ends.

  1. Different amounts of HEROES tokens will be consumed for the cross-chain process


HEROES Required





  1. Once the user has transferred the card cross-chain, entering the website: https://center.dehero.co/ and logging in to his wallet. Click on NFT hero battle cards to check his cross-chain cards.

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