🎊NFT Card Rental

Rent NFTs

Click the [Rental] icon to enter the Rentero official website and connect your wallet.


Find and select "DEHEROGAME", then click [Market] to chose the NFT cards you'd like to rent.

Click the [Rent] button and enter your desired rental period after selecting your NFT cards. The platform will automatically calculate the amount to be paid according to the NFT price.

Click the [My Renting] button on the Dashboard to check your lists of NFT cards rented.

If you want to lend the NFT card to your friend, you can input his address in the whitelist function.

Next, enter the [Backpack] interface in DeHeroGame and click [Heroes] button to start the game with your Hero NFT rented.

Please note that each rented NFT requires a certain amount of COIN mortgage to be placed in your [Camp]. If the rented NFT is withdrawn to your personal wallet (backpack) without the rental validity period, the mortgaged COIN will not be returned.

Return NFTs

After connecting your wallet on the Rentero official website, find the “My Renting” button on the Dashboard and select the NFT to be returned.

If the rented NFT is not returned after the due date, Rentero will take it back on its own initiative with the NFT rental status in DeHeroGame displaying "expired".

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