You can challenge dungeons in adventure mode. Challenging dungeons consumes the energy of Hero NFTs. Winning the dungeons lead to a lot of rewards such as EXP, COINs, skill fragments, EXP packs, energy packs, and skill card packs.

After entering the adventure interface, click [Start Battle] to enter the corresponding dungeon maze. Under the maze exploration, you can explore various areas of the maze and trigger various random events according to the positioned grid.

Each time you move, you can only move to the front row or the two grids adjacent to you. Every time you move forward, all heroes in your team will burn energy, and the burnt energy will be displayed on the upper right of the interface.

After winning the dungeon challenge, you can gain a lot of rewards.


  1. During any dungeon challenge, click the [Leave Temporarily] button to leave the dungeon. Next time you enter the same dungeon, you can continue to explore, and the dungeon progress will be retained.

  2. If you fail during any dungeon challenge, you can consume COINs to revive, and you can continue to fight after reviving. You can only revive once in each dungeon challenge.

  3. During any dungeon challenge, you can adjust your Hero NFTs at any time, and you can also adjust the skills, improve hero levels, etc.

  4. During any dungeon challenge, by entering the BUFF interface, you can choose to gain attributes that best suit your team according to your hero lineup.

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