Once you log in, click [Get NFT] and then click [Shop] to enter the store center.
The store contains many functions for players to choose from.
Players can click [Market] to do free-trading on Hero NFT cards and skills.
2.NFT Shop
Players can purchase Hero NFT card packs in the [NFT Shop].
3.LP Mining Pool
Players can stake in LP mining pools with corresponding trading pairs to obtain COIN benefits.
4.My NFT
Players can view their own NFT cards and time-limited card information in the [My NFT] function.
You can also click [Unopen Card Packs] to open your own NFT card packs.
Players can use the [Synthesis] function to synthesize a same higher quality hero with 2 heroes with same name and quality.
Players can also giveaway their NFT cards via [Transfer] function.
5.Skill Bag
Players can check and open their skill card packs in [Skill Cards], and transfer them to other players from here.