Q: How to get LP tokens(RPG-COIN)?

A: https://www.ponytaswap.finance/liquidity, input the quantity of one token, and the system will automatically match it with the required quantity of the other token, then confirm the transaction to receive the LP token.

For more details, check https://app.gitbook.com/s/vnYoRrBwHIdpq9fMjdMA/~/changes/198/lp-mining/how-to-gain-lp-and-mine

Q: How to transfer my RPG assets to Rangers Mainnet?

A: In just 3 simple steps:

  • Select the blockchain where your RPG asset is located (BNB chain or Ethereum)

  • Enter the RPG amount and select Rangers Mainnet as the target chain

Q: Where can I purchase RPG?

A: It can be purchased through the following 3 ways:

RPG Contract Address (BEP-20): 0xc2098a8938119A52B1F7661893c0153A6CB116d5

RPG Contract Address (ERC20): 0x0E5C8C387C5EBa2eCbc137aD012aeD5Fe729e251

RPG Contract Address (Rangers Mainnet): 0x71d9CFd1b7AdB1E8eb4c193CE6FFbe19B4aeE0dB

Q: Where can AMG be purchased?

AMG Mainnet Contract Address: Rangers Mainnet:0xdaa6a6919c9543d8787490f5e9ad532c4d7ce9e8 BNB Mainnet:0x70a30bb133f7b5038d3c28D8B77D8DA258FC784a

Q: How to obtain Hero NFT Cards ?

A: 1. For old users, you can transfer your Hero NFT cards from the BSC chain to the Rangers chain via the "Transfer" function on the DeHeroGame homepage. And then put them into the DeHeroGame for battle experience. (Please make sure the NFT cards have been taken out of the card slot and placed in the backpack while transferring.)

  1. For new users, Hero NFT cards can be purchased directly from Market place in DeHeroGame.

  2. DeHeroGame has also developed the "Card Rental" function to facilitate your game experience. You can also start the game through renting cards in the rental market.

Q: How to transfer my Hero NFT cards from BNB chain to Rangers Mainnet

A: You can upgrade and transfer Heroes NFT Cards of orange quality and above in your backpack from BNB chain to Rangers Mainnet through the "transfer" function on DeHero's BNB Homepage. Q: How to get COIN? What is COIN for?

A: COIN can be obtained from the adventure exploration or purchased from DEX. A certain amount of COIN will be used for hero upgrades, one-click recharging, hero resurrection, purchasing skill card packs, etc.

Q: How to get AMG? How can you use AMG?

A: AMG can be obtained when your heroes reach Lv.150. AMG can be used for High-level hero upgrades, skill upgrades and the purchase of VIP Pass. AMG will always maintain a tight relationship between the supply and the demand.

Q: What should I do if I can't see the cards that can be transferred?

  • Please confirm if the Hero NFT card you'd like to transfer is already settled in "My Backpack".

  • Please confirm if your Hero NFT Cards meet the transfer requirements. Only Hero NFT cards of Orange quality or above can be transferred.

  • Please confirm if your game is currently operated under the BNB chain environment.

Q: How to transfer various cards in the same time?

  • Select the Hero NFT card of the highest quality if the cross-chain targets are confirmed.

  • Select the Hero NFT card with Gold quality.

  • Select the Hero NFT card with the fewest pledged HEROES if the cross-chain targets are of the same quality.

  • Choose one-time cross-chain transfer to save gas. (A maximum of 50 Hero NFT cards can be transferred at the same time)

Q: Anything I should know before transferring NFT card? (NEW)

A: It takes 200-300 HEROES to upgrade and transfer your NFT card to Rangers Mainnet, depends on card quality. All HEROES pledged in the NFT card will be destroyed once the cross-chain process is over.

Please be cautious since the transfer operation is irreversible.

Q: Am I able to transfer hero NFT cards between different accounts or wallets?

A: Yes. You can select a certain wallet to receive the transferred NFT cards.

(For UniPass, Enter https://center.dehero.co/ and click "≡" button to shift your wallet address to check your cards in the upper left corner)

Q: Where can I see my transferred NFT cards?

A: Check the "Backpack" interface in the game under the Rangers Mainnet environment or on https://center.dehero.co/. Place your transferred NFT cards into the "Camp" to start your exploration now!

Q: How to set up Rangers Mainnet?

  • Go to Rangers Scan and click "Add to MetaMask " button at the bottom left corner to add Rangers Protocol Mainnet with one click.

Configuration Info:

  • Network Name: Rangers Mainnet

  • RPC URL: https://mainnet.rangersprotocol.com/api/jsonrpc

  • Chain ID: 2025

  • Currency Symbol: RPG

  • Browser's Address: https://scan.rangersprotocol.com

Q: The UniPass account I used for the previous DeHeroGame Beta is gone. How can I get the Beta reward?

A: No worries! The recent upgrades of the UniPass system caused this situation. Just register a new UniPass account with the same email address that you used for the Beta. And the official rewards will be sent. If you have any question, contact our official community admins for help.

👉 Join our Discord >> https://discord.gg/dehero-official

Q: What should I do if my payments of VIP Pass got deducted twice?

A: No worries! The system will automatically extend your VIP Pass validity according to the actual spending amount.

Q: What if I missed the daily reward from VIP Pass?

A: Sorry, you can't re-claim the daily reward from VIP Pass once you miss it.

Q: When will the 5% rebate be settled?

A: The rebate earned is settled in real time once the rebate amount presented in your rebate interface. You can withdraw them at anytime when you need.

Q: How to unbind my invitees?

A: Sorry, it is irreversible once your invitee's wallet address is bound.

Q: How to check my token assets in the game?

A:There are 2 ways to check:

  • Open Rangers Scan and enter your wallet address to check the token assets owned under your wallet.

  • Click on the ▼ arrow at the top right corner of the game homepage and view your token assets related to the game.

Q: How can I get more Hero cards/Skills in the game?

A:You can purchase more Hero cards/skills in the DeHeroGame Official NFT marketplace or through NFT cards rental. You can also get them as a gift from other users.

Q: What is the difference between the card in the backpack and the card in the camp?

A: The cards in the "Backpack" refer to the NFT cards in your current wallet; the cards in the camp refer to the NFT cards that have been put into the camp, and only the cards that have been put into the camp can be used for battles.

Q: What should I do if the hero energy is not enough during the adventure?

A: There are 3 ways to recharge your heroes:

  1. Use [Refill] to restore the energy of a specific hero.

  2. Spend COINs for one-click recharging in the [Camp] or [Adventure] interface.

  3. Use Recharge pack to restore your heroes in the " Heroes Profile" page in the [Camp] interface.

Q: How to increase the capacity of my hero team?

A: The capacity will gradually increase as you explore more dungeons.

Q: Any tips for assigning heroes to adventures?

A: You can edit and adjust the hero cards at any time, make sure your team composition is reasonable with following elements: melee, ranged attack and some aoe.

Q: Why can't I withdraw NFTs to my backpack?

A: Only NFT cards with full energy can be withdrawn.

Q: How to level up a hero?

A: Click any hero card in [Camp] to view the hero details, then click the [Level Up] button below or use the EXP pack to upgrade the hero. The EXP required for upgrading can be obtained from dungeons.

Q: How can I get more recharge slot?

A: More recharge slot will be unlocked as you clear more dungeons. With VIP Pass you are able to have 3 extra recharge slot.

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