🔥Batch Operation Function

Click [Batch Operation] in CAMP to use Batch Function.

It contains three functions: [Replace skills] [Batch upgrade] [Batch Recharge]

1.Replace skills

Select the hero whose skill you want to replace and clicks on [Replace]

After entering the skill replacement page, choose the skill that needs to be replaced.

After selecting all desired skills, tick the cards and click "confirm" to replace the ticked skills.

2.Batch upgrade

You can upgrade their cards in batch by selecting the cards you wish to upgrade and clicking "confirm" in the [Batch upgrade] function.

Note: if a player selects a card that requires COIN or AMG for upgrading, the required quantity will be displayed below.

3.Batch charge

You can select the card that needs to be charged and the COIN required to charge the current hero(es) will be displayed.

Note: A hero can only be charged up to 240 energy points per day.

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