Explore dungeon will consume the energy of the heroes.

Without enough energy, the hero will not able to explore dungeon. At this point, you would need to recharge the heroes to restore their energy.

Click the [Refill] button in the main interface.

Click [One-click recharge], select on the heroes that need to be recharged.

Click [Confirm] to start recharging.

It takes a certain amount of time to recharge, there will be a time indicator for the recharging heroes.

Click [One-click Remove] to remove all recharging heroes.

In addition, in the [Adventure] interface, you can also use "One-click Recharge"(spend COINs to immediately recover the heroes' energy) in the battle to recharge heroes.


The recharging hero with enough can still be assigned to dungeon.

Hero cards with insufficient energy cannot be withdrawn or traded.

[Learn more about charing]

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