BSC wallet MetaMask Plugin Installation Tutorial

What is MetaMask?

‌MetaMask is a plugin-type of wallet used on Google Chrome. The wallet is light weighted, robust, safe, and reliable. It’s one of the best wallet tools that blockchain users must have.

Google Chrome browser installation

‌Install Chrome browser to use MetaMask

‌Download address:

Install the MetaMask plugin

‌Get the MetaMask plugin on the official website:

Create or import a wallet

‌After installing the MetaMask, users can choose to create or import a wallet.

Users who choose to create a new wallet must pay a lot of attention to the mnemonic phrase because whoever has the mnemonic phrase owns the wallet. If the mnemonic phrase is lost, it can’t be restored.

Configuring the Binance Smart Chain

‌After creating or importing a wallet, users need to configure the corresponding information before accessing the Binance Smart Chain.

Click the button above the wallet to switch/configure to the different chains.

The configuration information of Binance Smart Chain:

‌Mainnet (Binance Smart Chain main chain)

‌Network Name: BSC Mainnet


‌ChainID: 0x38 or 0x56

‌Symbol: BNB

‌Block Explorer:

‌Fill the above configuration into the configuration table according to personal

needs, as shown in the figure below:

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