Draw cards stakes

‌Staking HEROES to obtain NFT cards of different qualities

Staking HEROES to extract NFT card package.

‌Users can receive NFT card packs by staking a certain number of HEROES. Based on the number of Staked HEROES, players can obtain NFT card packs of corresponding quality levels. The more HEROESstaked, the higher the quality of the NFT cards player could get.

‌Tip: authorization is required before staking. Both staking and authorization are on-chain operations. It will consume a certain amount of BNB as the GAS fee.

The probability of cards draw is shown below

1. The card quality from low to high is: white, green, blue, purple, orange, and gold.

2. A single HEROES stake of a corresponding number can guarantee the obtainment of NFT cards of the same quality; also, there is a certain chance to get high-quality cards. For example, if users stake 80 HEROES, users will gain an orange rate NFT card. Still, users also have the opportunity to possibly gain a golden quality card.

3. Adjust the number of cards staked to get a corresponding number of card packs. Each card pack contains only 1 random hero. The quality is based on the rate achieved by a HEROES’s quantity that is staked.

Collect card mining income and card set total combat capacity.

1. The income of card mining would be depending on the proportion of the total fighting capacity of the card set in the fighting capacity of the whole server. The higher the ratio, the more rewards players would receive.

2. The total combat capacity of the card set = the total amount of the fighting capacity of each NFT card—including card combination bonus and card slot upgrade bonus—that has been placed in the card set and multiplied by (1 + proportional card collectibles bonus)

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