Equipment fragment composition

Players can get pieces of equipment by disassembling unused equipment. Using equipment fragments, you can cast equipment packs of different quality/rarity. The higher the quality/rarity of the pack, the more fragments of equipment needed to cast.

Equipment fragments:

  • Disassemble idle items that will be completely destroyed when disassembled

  • Equipment fragments are divided into L, R and N types. Obtained by decomposing L, R and N grade equipment respectively

  • The higher the quality of the disassembled equipment, the more fragments of equipment you can acquire with the same rarity

How to break down equipment:

  • Click "My equipment" -- "Idle equipment", click the equipment you want to disassemble, select "Recycle equipment", and call the wallet to send up chain transactions. After the transaction is completed, the equipment is destroyed and the corresponding fragments of equipment are obtained.

  • Click "My Equipment" - "Idle equipment" page top right corner "Recycling" button, you can batch recycling equipment

How to use equipment fragments to compose equipment packs:

  • Click "Get card package" - "Fragment Composition" button on the right side of the home page to enter the functional interface

The equipment fragment composition function is shown below:

1. Step 1: Select the initial rarity of the item you want to cast, which will cost the same fragments of equipment as the initial rarity

2.Step 2: Choose the quality of the equipment you want to cast. The higher the quality, the more fragments of equipment will be spent

3. Step 3: Select the probability of increasing rarity. According to the probability of increasing rarity (N to R, R to L, L level equipment cannot be further improved), increase the cost of equipment fragments by a multiple

4. Part FOUR: Adjust the final value and the number of casting treasure boxes

Equipment fragments cost calculator, based on the selection of steps 1-4, finally calculate the equipment fragments needed for casting

Example: Select Grade R fragments, select White quality, select 50% probability, select cast quantity 1

According to the calculation, the final cost is 40*3*1=120 fragments of R equipment

5. After confirmation, the wallet will be called to send the transaction. After the transaction is completed, the treasure exchange box can be found in "My Equipment" - "Equipment Treasure Box"

Open the Exchange Chest:

The Exchange Chest can be found in the "My Equipment" - "Equipment Chest", which is opened to receive random items of fixed quality/rarity

The following is an example: After opening the chest, there is a 50% chance that you will get 1 Level R random white item and a 50% chance that you will get 1 Level L random white item

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