Q: Where can I play DeHero?

A: DeHero has been deployed on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) Test Chain. You will need a Binance Eco-Chain wallet address and a small amount of BNB as the miner fee to try it out.

Enter the Gamehttps://card.dehero.co

Q: What configuration info is required to switch to Binance Chain?

A: The main chain configuration information of BSC is as follows:

Network Name: BSC Mainnet

RPC Address: https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/

ChainID: 0x38 or 0x56

Symbol: BNB

Binance Smart Chain Explorer:https://bscscan.com

Q: How do I acquire NFT cards?

A: There are four ways to do so:

1. Acquire and open card packs through staking tokens

2. Purchase card packs within the in-game store

3. Users can donate their NFT cards to other users

4. Users can trade their NFT cards with other users

5. Participate in activities

Q: How to retrieve Heroes staked in cards?

A: There are two ways to retrieve Heroes:

1. Within 48 hours after opening the card packs, users can retrieve Heroes by destroying the NFT cards

2. The Heroes contained in the NFT card used for upgrading will be gradually released for 120 hours

Q: How to switch/remove the cards in the card set?

A: If you open the card slot details and click on “Replace card,” you will be able to swap it with a card with the same card number. Click on “Remove card” to retrieve the card placed on the card slot.

Tip: Users don’t gain any revenue from mining if the card slot is empty. The fighting capacity of card sets will also be zero. Also, replacing or removing cards will cost specific gas fees.

Q: How to mine card collectibles?

A: Users should go to the card collectibles mining interface and place cards —having opened the card packs — in the corresponding card slots during the card collectibles mining process. Users’ mining quantity will be rated based upon their card slot fighting capacity compared to the server’s total fighting capacity.

Q: How to calculate the fighting capacity of a card collectibles mining slot?

A: The total fighting capacity of a card set equals the total amount of the fighting capacity of each NFT card — including card combination bonus and card slot upgrade bonus — that has been placed in the card set and multiplied by (1 + proportional card collectibles bonus).

Q: What are the ways to upgrade card slots?

A: Users generate experiences to upgrade card slots from destroying the cards in the Card Upgrade interface. The destroyed cards will contain Heroes tokens that will be released gradually within 120. The higher quality of the card users destroys, the more experience it will provide. The maximum level of a single card slot is 10.

Q: What is a card combination?

A: When several specific cards are combined into a card set, they form a card combination. Card combination enhances the fighting capacity. Possible card combinations will appear once users discovered them through mining.

Q: What is a card collectibles bonus?

A: When the number of cards reaches a specific number, such as 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96, and 108, 120 in a single card set, the card set total fighting capacity increases to 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 100%.

Q: How to open several card packs at once?

A: Enter the My – Unopen Card Packs, select the Card Packs you want open and click "Open." You will be able to open the packs successfully after paying the gas fee. You can find more details in My – Inactive Cards.

Q: How to place several heroes into card slots at once?

A: Enter Card Collectables – Batch, select Place/Replace, and click the cards you desire to place. The placement will be completed after paying the gas fee.

Q: How to upgrade cards quickly?

A: Enter Cards - Batch, select quick upgrade, check the card slots to be upgraded, and complete the batch upgrade after paying the gas fee.

Q: How to remove all cards in the card slots at once?

A: Enter Cards – Batch and choose Remove in One Click. You can remove all cards at once after paying the gas fee.

Q: How can I get first-hand info about this project timely?

A: You can get first-hand information about our project through the following ways:

① Through in-game notifications

② Through the community: in the channel bar on the left side of the homepage, enter the community to learn about the latest project developments

③ Through the official website of MixMarvel blockchain game publishing platform: https://discord.gg/dehero-official

Q: How to switch the game language?

A: By clicking the "CN/EN" button in the upper right corner of the homepage, you can switch the language between Chinese and English.

Q: What is the difference between the Lucky Card Pack and the Fortune Card Pack?

A: Lucky Card Packs are sold for 8 Heroes and give a certain chance to gain an orange card.

Fortune Card Packs are sold for 30 Heroes and give a certain chance to gain a golden card.

Q: How to cancel the sale in the Marketplace?

A: Enter the Transactions – History of Orders, select the card you don't want to sell anymore, and click "Cancel Order." Cancellation will be completed after paying the gas fee.

Q: What are the base HEROES release rules for the NFT cards used for upgrading?

A: The NFT cards used for upgrading will disappear after the upgrade. The underlying HEROES will be released gradually within 120 hours. Every time a card slot upgrade is triggered, it will be updated in a specified time. The HEROES that have not been released and the HEROES that are to be released will be re-calculated and released gradually within 120 hours.

Q: What is LP?

A: LP, or Liquidity Provider, mainly refers to the vouchers of those market makers that provide liquidity. Taking DeHero as an example, on PancakeSwap, you can provide liquidity for both HEROES/BUSD or HEROES/MIX trading pairs. You can perform LP stake mining in the DeHero project to receive income if you have obtained the corresponding LP.

Q: How to form an LP?

A: In the Stake interface of the game, in the LP mining pool, specifically, click "Get LP" to open PancakeSwap. Once you've opened it, switch to the "Liquidity" tab → click "Add Liquidity" to create the desired LP trading pair (HEROES/BUSD or HEROES/MIX).

For a detailed guide, please refer to:

Q: What will I get if I stake LP?

A: You will get LP of HEROES/BUSD or HEROES/MIX in the corresponding LP mining pool. The LP mining pool is currently the mining pool with the highest mining revenue in DeHero.

Q: How to withdraw the LP staked in the game?

A: Click the "Stake/Withdraw" button to complete the withdrawal, and the corresponding LP Token will be released into your wallet.

Q: How to speed up NFT card transactions?

A: It is recommended that you join the community, negotiate your intent directly with other users in the community, and then place an order in the Marketplace to complete the transaction.

Chinese WeChat group: Xwz11223344556677

Global Telegram: https://t.me/MixMarvelGlobal

Q: How to trade HEROES?

A: On the game homepage, click the "Buy HEROES" button, jump to the PancakeSwap interface, and purchase directly.

Q: How much money can a rookie initially invest to earn?

A: Investing different amounts can get you different benefits. It is recommended that you join our community first, exchange experience with old players while playing yourself, and gradually adjust your optimal investment method.

Q: How much volume can be mined by a single card stake?

A: Hero cards need to be placed into card slots to generate the hash rate. You can check the mining volume available in the game interface according to the hash rate.

Q: What is the relationship between MIX and DeHero?

A: MIX can be used to obtain high APY returns through DeHero's single mining or LP (HEROES/MIX) mining.

Q: What is the open cycle of DeHero's "Heroes Lottery"?

A: Please pay attention to the latest news from the community. We will open it from time to time.

Q: What if I can't find HEROES on PancakeSwap?

A: Please use the contract address of HEROES (0x261510Dd6257494eEA1DDA7618DBe8a7b87870dd) to search.

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