Card Collectibles Mining

Card Collectibles Mining

After logging into the game, users will receive a card set containing a card slot. Users will need to place the hero NFT card in the corresponding card slot to activate the power of the NFT card. The more cards users activate, the higher the total fighting capacity would be; thus, the mining progress would be more efficient.

Tip: Card collection is an on-chain process, which requires a certain amount of BNB as the gas fee.

1. Each one of the corresponding NFT hero cards can be placed in each card slot. The quality of the card determines the combat power of the activated card slot.

2. The card slot of the corresponding hero can be used to upgrade the card slot. The upgraded card slot will have a bonus of fighting capacity. However, the card used to upgrade the card slot will be destroyed, and the HEROES of the card will be released gradually within 120 hours. And the released HEROES can be obtained in the card mining interface;

3. Each card of different quality has its’ corresponding experience numbers, and the experience is used to upgrade the card slot.

4. Card fetters bonus: there are constraints between specific cards. When fettered cards are combined, users can also get a bonus. For example, putting the “Reaper Anubis” and “Cleopatra” into the card slots at the same time will form a “Power of the Sun” combination. Both Anubis and Cleopatra will have a 12% increment in their fighting capacity. Click the link below to view more combinations:

5. Card collectibles quantity bonus: when the number of cards placed in a card set reaches a certain amount, the corresponding total fighting capacity bonus will be achieved.

Batch Function

1. Click on the “Batch” button on the card collection interface to select the cards you want to place/replace.

2. Click on the “Quick Upgrade” button to display all the currently upgradeable card slots.

3. Click the “remove in one click” button to allow the player to retrieve all the staked cards at once.

4. All 3 operations above are the on-chain operations, which need to consume a certain amount of BNB as a gas fee.

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