Equipment Store

Use HEROES to purchase equipment points

Players can use Heroes to purchase equipment points at the equipment store

  • Only addresses with card book combat power above 200,000 can be purchased

  • 6 HEROES can purchase 400 points

  • Each address can be purchased up to 8 times a day, that is, 48 HEROES/3200 equipment points

  • In addition to purchasing, more ways to obtain equipment points will be opened in the future

Use equipment points to exchange equipment treasure box

  • Exchange 600 equipment points for an equipment treasure box

  • Currently, there is no purchase limit for the equipment treasure box

Open the “equipment treasure box” in “Equipment” to obtain equipment

  • After obtaining the equipment treasure box, you need to open it by yourself to obtain the equipment

  • Currently, there is only one equipment treasure box

  • After opening the equipment treasure box, you can obtain the equipment according to the following probability

You may also would like to know what equipment is available at present and what function they have, please check

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