Hero Lottery

Collect heroes, purchase lottery tickets — BUSD is waiting to be yours to win.

Event Details:

1. Use HEROES to purchase Hero Lottery tickets to participate in the BUSD lucky draw executed by the smart contract.

2. Purchased tickets that each all a corresponding unique number automatically enter the lottery session. The smart contract will randomly draw the winning numbers among all purchased lottery numbers. The winning lottery ticket promptly gets large BUSD rewards.

3.The not so lucky lottery tickets will be able to share the remaining 5223 BUSD in the Rewards Pool.

Event process:

  • Available for addresses with card combat power not less than 100,000,

  • 5 $HEROES per ticket

  • each address is allowed to purchase no more than 100 tickets


First Prize(1): 777 BUS*1

Second Prize(10): 100 BUSD*10

Third Prize(100): 30 BUSD*100

Tickets Available(Phase 1): 2021/6/18 18:00-20:00 (UTC+8) Event Details:

All lottery $HEROES income will be burnt.

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