Card information

NFT card introduction (NFT)

DeHero’s NFT cards are based on the BEP-721 protocol. Each card has five elements: hero information, hero ranking, card quality, combat power, and HEROES.

1. Hero information: 48 random HEROES initially. More well-known HEROES will be released as the new updates come.

2. Hero ranking: each hero has a ranking number. The same hero has the same rank number, even with different qualities. For instance, the white Anubis and orange Anubis have the same rank numbers – 001.

3. Card quality: each hero has seven different attributes. From the highest quality to the lowest rate: gold, orange, purple, blue, green and white. The higher the card’s quality, the higher the fighting capacity would be, and the number of HEROES that build the base is more.

4. Card combat power: each card has a different fighting capacity based on its quality; the card fighting capacity also determines the mining efficiency.

5. HEROES: the card obtained by staking will lock up the corresponding number of HEROES tokens according to the number of stakes. The card can be destroyed 48 hours after it is generated, and the released HEROES tokens can be obtained simultaneously.

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