Home page information display

DeHero’s homepage displays various information in the game

General information

‌The total fighting capacity of the whole server: the total amount of fighting capacity of all the produced cards in the game.

‌Number of cards in the entire server: the number of cards made in the game.

‌TVL (BUSD): The total lock-up value of the game

‌Average APY of card sets: the average annualized rate of return of staked cards

Navigation buttons can help players find the functions they want quickly

‌Home: Displaying basic information of the game

‌Stake: Obtaining unique NFT cards by staking tokens

Cards: Staking NFT cards to get a steady stream of token revenue

‌Trade: a trade market where players can trade NFT cards at no cost; supports multiple tokens

‌My: Managing game assets under the current wallet address

More features


‌Draw Cards Shop:

Social media and help

‌Contact Email:service@mixmarvel.com

‌Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/MIXMARVELGAME

‌Official Telegram:https://t.me/MixMarvelGlobal

‌Official Discord:https://discord.gg/TrNZbaY3AT

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