Activity 1: Combat Power Ranking Reward (Honor Reward)

Want to be the companion of dragon slayer warriors? Let your strength speak!

Compete for the ranking of the combat power during the event, you can get honor points, and redeem the honor card pack with a 100% chance to get the new EX02 hero:Kaden—Dragon Slayer

Activity Time:

26/01/2022 — 26/02/2022

Points Distribution Time: 13:00 (UTC) every day during the event

Activity Rules:

1)During the event, players can automatically obtain a certain amount of honor points every day according to their combat power in the card-collectables (the daily settlement time is 21:00 UTC+8)

2)The honor points can be exchanged for honor card packs during the event. After the event, the honor points will be converted 1:1 to equipment points

Combat Power Honor Points Distribution Rules:

1)Players with a combat power of more than 10 million (including 10 million) will be awarded honor points according to their rankings

2)Players with a combat power of less than 10 million will be issued honor points according to the combat power range

List of rewards:

1) The honor card pack has a 100% probability of obtaining a new hero: EX-02

2)The number of rewards is limited, first come first served

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