How to Gain LP and Mine

Process in Graphics:

  • Enter the Liquidity interface on PancakeSwap:

  • Select "Add Liquidity."

  • Search and select the MIX/Heroes trading pair. Select MIX and Heroes tokens in the upper and lower boxes, respectively.

To select the token, please use search through the contract address.



  • Enter the amount of liquidity you want to add

When adding liquidity for the first time, you need to authorize MIX and Heroes simultaneously.

When adding liquidity, you need to have both tokens in the trading pair at the same time.

When adding liquidity, enter the quantity of one token. The system will automatically match the required amount of the other token.

  • After reconfirming the additional liquidity information, invoke the wallet to transmit the transaction.

  • You can get the corresponding LP tokens after the transaction is completed.

  • Enter the "Card Collectibles" — "Permanent Mining Pool," find the Heroes/MIX stake mining pool, and click "Stake."

  • Enter the amount of LP you want to stake.

  • Invoke the wallet to transmit the stake transaction. After the transaction is confirmed successful, you can continuously get Heroes rewards.

Authorization is required when staking LP for the first time.

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